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April 11th, 2015, 7pm

Alice Chauchat will present her new solo “Togethering (working title)”, based on her engagement with alternative structures of collaboration and distribution that were developed in Europe over the past decade, in an attempt to move beyond more traditional set-ups and hierarchies, towards horizontal models of circulation and exchange based on equality. Projects such as PAF, The Theater, everybodys all emerged around the same period of time[1]  from a larger discussion in the performing arts scene in Europe around the implementation of open source strategies in performance. Other projects that preceded and followed were nurtured from very similar concerns around sharing, access and distribution. Yet the “solutions” proposed by the various projects differed greatly, ranging from the demand for endless conversations to the tacit agreement on not knowing yet acting as if we all did.

[1] The first gathering in Saint-Erme, where PAF was founded, took place in December 2005. everybodys started developing during the same meeting. The first seminar leading to the construction of “The Theatre” in Graz (festival Steirisches Herbst) took place in February 2006. The collective Practicable was founded in 2007, etc.