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Since opening in 2015, The Whole Shebang has been honored to host classes and workshops with local, national, and international artists, including:

Alice Chauchat • Ann-Marie Gover • Asimina Chremos • Doran George • Eroca Nicols • Esther Baker-Tarpaga • Germaine Fraser • iele paloumpis • Jaamil Olawale Kosoko • Janna Meiring • Khaled Barghouthi • Lela Aisha Jones • Meg Foley • Michael Kiley • Nicole Bindler • Rae Diamond • Samar Haddad King • Shannon Murphy • Stina Nyberg • Theatre of the Oppressed • Zoe Rabinowitz

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Apokalypsis Research Project and Workshop Series


Apokalypsis Research Project and Workshop Series

from 45.00

WORKSHOPS 1 + 2 with Asimina Chremos ///
-Deep Sensing - City + Self, October 26, 2-6p
-Creating in Context, November 9, 2-6p
One workshop: $45 online / $50 at the door
Both Deep Sensing Workshops: $80 online only
(scroll to the bottom for entire Apokalypsis series info)


What does it mean to create or attend to art in Philadelphia? This is the primary question of Apokálypsis, an 8-month artistic research project facilitated by the Whole Shebang in collaboration with artists Asimina Chremos and Paule Turner and 8 Core Artists Eli Avenue, Emily Bate, Levi Bentley, Amalia Colón-Nava, Patricia Graham, Kimya Jackson, Mark Kennedy, and Vitche-Boul Ra.

Aποκάλυψις (tr. Apokálypsis) is an ancient Greek word meaning to uncover or reveal. This project invites artists and audiences to tune our attention to dimensions of everyday city life that are constantly performing and generating images, textures, rhythms, sounds, and sensations in an unceasing creative flow. 

We are very excited to host 11 workshops over 8 months featuring the research of Apokalypsis! FIRST UP IS…

Apokalypsis Workshops 1+2 with Asimina Chremos
Deep Sensing - City + Self, October 26, 2pm — 6pm
Deep Sensing - Creating in Context, November 9, 2pm — 6pm
One workshop: $45 online / $50 at the door
Both Deep Sensing Workshops: $80 online only

City + Self, October 26, 2pm — 6pm
In this workshop, the first in the Apokalypsis series, participants will learn tools for relating more deeply with, and embodying, the sense perceptions. Chremos will guide experiences inside the studio and outdoors in the vicinity of The Whole Shebang in order to discover deeper layers of our world and ourselves. Please dress for gentle outdoor activity; including umbrella or raincoat if necessary. 

Creating in Context, November 9, 2pm — 6pm
How does the continuum of our inner/outer environment inspire us to express, respond, move, and/or relate to objects? In this workshop practice of Deep Sensing both inside and outside the studio will be followed by creative process activity in various disciplines, including movement, words, sounds, and sculpture. Participants will be supported to create sketches of artworks for group sharing and discussion.

Asimina Chremos is a Philadelphia-based dance artist whose widely ranging career has evolved from beginnings as ballet dancer with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater to femme-drag performance art, experimental improvised music and dance collaboration, and freeform crochet art exhibition. Chremos is a Greek-American born in 1966 and over many years has developed a multidisciplinary practice in dance, performance, improvisation, fiber arts; as well as arts administration and grantwriting. She brings this ongoing work to facilitating the Apokálypsis project.

The Apokalypsis Whole Series timeline looks like this…
$295 for all 11 workshops over the 8 month-period
(Would cost up to $600 if purchased separately).

Deep Sensing City & Self: Saturday 10/26 from 2pm — 6pm

Deep Sensing Creating in Context: Saturday 11/9 from 2pm — 6pm

Self-practice with Deep Sensing tools, free individual guidance available for participants of Oct/Nov workshops


Practice Intensive with Paule Turner 1: Saturday 1/11 from 10am — 1pm
Practice Intensive with Paule Turner 2: Sunday 1/12 from 10am — 1pm

(The following workshops will be presented by each of the 8 Core Artists of the Apokalypsis Project, schedule TBA)

Core Artist Workshop 1: Saturday 2/15 from 11am — 2pm
Core Artist Workshop 2: Sunday 2/16  from 11am — 2pm

Core Artist Workshop 3: Saturday 3/21 from 11am — 2pm
Core Artist Workshop 4: Sunday 3/22 from 11am — 2pm

Core Artist Workshop 5: Saturday 4/18 from 11am — 2pm
Core Artist Workshop 6: Sunday 4/19 from 11am — 2pm

Core Artist Workshop 7: Saturday 5/16  from 11am — 2pm
Core Artist Workshop 8: Sunday 5/17 from 11am — 2pm